Specialising in pain free results for both Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain, The Physology method is a ground breaking treatment which was created by our Founder and leading Premier League pain expert, James Tyrell-Nestor.

A bringing together of research that began over 80 years ago means this treatment method is based on a modern understanding of anatomy. A whole body approach is taken with an understanding for the interconnection between all parts of the body.

This enables practitioners to find the root cause of pain which can be away from the site of pain.

About James Tyrell-Nestor

“I have always been interested in working with people. I have a keen passion for innovation in all professions and aim to bring these ways of thinking into my own work. One of these visions is for healthcare professionals to understand their true role when sat in front of a patient. Anyone in my profession has a duty to not only to deliver a service but also to provide care. Genuine and compassionate care for their patient and this requires a broader understanding of our profession beyond the current academic tick boxes and into the realm of human connection. With this in mind, the Physology philosophy is to put our patients needs first and for our practitioners to develop genuine human connections, to understand the impact on life and to meet a patients true needs brought about by chronic pain – whilst delivering ground breaking hands-on treatment.”

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