Chayah Development Project Ltd is a Charity organisation in Nottingham which aims to empower and energise our community, to look at our ‘here and now’ and grow into tomorrow by maintaining a grassroots approach to their services.

Chayah in Hebrew means “LIFE RESTORER” and is pronounced – khaw-yaw’! The name in itself is symbolic as Chayah aspires to bring back life to our beneficiaries and community.  Over the last few years, the project has expanded its arms into diverse support services and continues to evolve with each year.

The project values the voices of their beneficiaries, working hard to build long lasting sustainable relationships with different partner organisations across the county and the country at large.

They give support, training sessions, seminars, personal coaching to make sure the beneficiaries not only discover their identity but live to their full potential! Chayah work on personal levels and with other agencies to make sure their service users will be well equipped to face any future challenges and sign post them to where they can receive the relevant help they require.

Chayah aims to build stronger communities by looking at where they are, what changes can be made and how they can achieve the future they envision. They aim to leave a legacy, so their next generations will be able to step into the future and achieve all their dreams with the courage and faith to seize every opportunity!

Chayah wants to reach the broken, lost, marginalized, forgotten, the hopeless and show them there is still a chance to come out of where they are and achieve a life they only imagined!

Chayah relies on funding along with donations from the community and, like many other organisations, have had to make serious adjustments during the pandemic. They continue to reach their communities even now with food banks and other means of support. As long as we they able, we will continue to strive to breathe life into the community.

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