Welcome to REAL TALK TV

The home of real conversations, with real people, about subjects that really matter

Real Talk TV is a voice for BAME communities.

We’re not afraid to have difficult conversations when they’re needed and we’re striving to build ourselves as a respected and credible source for information. We encourage knowledge and understanding through our feature areas: health and well-being, lifestyle, entertainment and fashion.

At Real Talk TV we’re all about community and we’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re interested in becoming a supporter, have an idea for a feature or just want to give us some feedback, contact us and a member of the team will get back in touch with you.

How REAL TALK TV was born…

Roger Henry was invited as a keynote speaker to the historical gathering of Black Lives Matter in Nottingham July 7th 2020 following on from the death of George Floyd. In front of a multi cultural audience of just under 5000 people with many young white faces in the crowd, Roger was inspired to find a way of continuing the much needed changes to systemic racism and from that, REAL TALK TV was born. Roger saw the event as an opportunity and a platform to make a significant impact on the required social changes towards racism, promoting change, equality and inclusion, landmarking that day as the perfect ‘Time for Change’.

Amplifying the voices of our community

Through detailed discussions, planning and a great team of passionate like minded people REAL TALK TV has now been realised and is there to amplify the voices of our community. UITC was set up as a consultancy practice to help promote and lead REAL TALK TV.

We hope you share our vision and use this platform of looking at political issues, education, employment, business and a way to educate communities and organisations.