Tuntum Housing Association’s mission and vision

Mission: to be a dynamic social business, passionate about improving lives and empowering people in sustainable multi-cultural communities.

Vision: Good quality homes and excellent services for diverse communities.

Tuntum’s history

Set up in 1988 by various professionals and activists from Nottingham’s black community, Tuntum has been providing homes and related services in Nottingham and ten other local authorities in the East Midlands for over 30 years. You can watch their history video and download our 30th anniversary brochure here.

Tuntum’s services

Tuntum own and manage over 1,500 homes accommodating over 3,000 people. This includes homes at affordable rents, shared ownership leases and specialist accommodation with support, for elderly people, vulnerable young people, refugees, young single mothers and women fleeing domestic violence.

In addition, they also deliver a number of non-housing activities. This includes social and economic support for recently arrived refugees from the war in Syria and, in partnership with local community based organisations, the Headwize mental health support project for young people and the annual Nottingham Carnival, an event which brings together thousands of people from all backgrounds and communities.

Staff and governance

Tuntum currently employ 65 staff, over 60% of which come from BME backgrounds. As well as staff in the areas of housing and repairs management, finance, administration and specialist support, they also have their own in-house team of property repairs technicians. 

Visit the Tuntum website.

The Nottingham Carnival

The Nottingham Carnival Weekend is a superb multi-cultural event held every summer. This event is a not-for-profit community organisation, supported by sponsors, stallholders, advertisers, performers, troupes, supporters and volunteers who help make Nottingham Carnival the successful event it is every year. Tuntum has been heavily involved with the management and organisation of the carnival since 1998. A number of different groups, clubs, schools and societies get involved every year, bringing a together a diverse mix of arts, music and culture. Hundreds of young people from across the city get involved, bringing together different communities for a great celebration.