My name is JD. I am a Hip Hop artist and activist based in Nottingham.

I am originally from Derby, hence my involvement in the BLM Movement there. When George Floyd was murdered, I made a conscious decision to go and support my people back home. We also formed a team of anti-racist artists/professional Youth workers, mental health practitioners and psychology educators called H.U.M.A.N [How U Mould A Nation].

We are dedicated to fighting all forms of racism and oppression and are linked with other like minded groups throughout the UK and the United States.

When we talk about racism and negative stereotypes, I believe it comes down to knowledge, identity and decolonisation of the curriculum. Black children have the right to learn their own true history and excellence. Their history is so much more than slavery. That is what the song ‘Freedom’ by myself and Donna Briscoe-Greene was created for. I also believe it is important for non-black children to learn real black history to stop the dehumanisation of the people and to celebrate the culture and heritage of the original people.

We are one race, the Human Race and the only way for us as that Human Race to evolve, is to stop the division by physical appearance and to celebrate our originality. The only way to end inequality is through education and through challenging racism on every level including government.

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