FAB Prostate Cancer Support Group

FAB prostate cancer support group

1 in 4 black men and 1 in 8 white men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lives, in fact, prostate cancer has over taken breast, lung and bowel cancer as the most diagnosed malignancy in the UK.

Friends And Bredrins (FAB) is a local Prostate Cancer Awareness charity based in Nottingham, founded to fill a need for an organisation dedicated to black men. FAB is here to provide support, primarily but not exclusively, to African Caribbean and African men that have been affected by Prostate Cancer in the community. FAB is keen to share experience, knowledge, information and provide advice to enhance quality of life.

Recently, FAB has worked with Nottingham Trent University, BMECC and Mon0lisa Production to create an app – Check Tings Out – which helps users to assess their prostate cancer risk and provides information on diagnosis and when to seek medical advice. The App is based around a conversation about prostate cancer symptoms, risk factors, and diagnostic procedures set in a fictional barber’s shop. The narrative is available in patois with English subtitles and you can find the app on FAB’s website (see link below).

FAB also have their own song which can be found on YouTube, this was initiated by Richard Fenwick CEO Tun Tum Housing, written, sang and donated by Alexander d’Great.

Visit the FAB Prostate Cancer Support Group website.