Violence Reduction Unit

The Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) is a partnership that brings together specialists from Local Government, Health Education, Policing and Criminal Justice to work with communities and the third sector to reduce serious violence and tackle its underlying causes. We are determined to have a positive and lasting impact, and invite all sections of the community to join the big conversation about reducing violence together. We believe that intervening early to prevent issues emerging is the best way to ensure children, young people, families and communities in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County thrive. Our work is underpinned by evidence of what works, and by working system wide as a partnership we plan to expand that evidence base, and well as create new evidence bases where none currently exist.

The VRU takes a public health approach to reducing violent crime, focusing on what will make a difference to whole populations, communities and groups. In practice this means we are looking beyond the statistics about incidents of crime and its causes to

research and evidence that explains why people behave in certain ways and what contributes to this behaviour. As the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’, and the public heath approach means intervening through education and policy change before violence has chance to take hold, much in the same way as other population level health issues.

These interventions are aimed at building community resilience to violent crime and changing social norms, using the local intelligence to interrupt the transmission of violence by analysing where it may occur and intervening with those at higher risk.

The VRU is an outward-facing partnership, and we are engaging with all groups and individuals, be they public, private, or third sector who want to help reduce violence in Nottingham.

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